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Water Filtration

Seattle water filtration

Save the Planet! Put down the bottle!

Stop your addiction to bottled water with clean, clear water from the tap!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that installing a water purifier in your house will save you money. If you don’t want to do the math – call us! We’ll be glad to show you how much you can save! Based on total sales, the U.S. is the largest bottled water consumer on the planet with over 10.09 billion gallons sold in 2013 alone. That’s a lot of water – and a LOT of plastic. So it goes without saying that installing a water purifier is also good for the environment. No math required. Steve’s Plumbing exclusively uses the ProSystems water filtration line, the ProSeries, which manufactures reasonably-priced, quality products in the U.S.

4 water filtration systems available:

  • Whole House Carbon Filter
  • Water Softener
  • Point of Use Filter
  • Revers Osmosis Point of Use Filter (the only way to remove fluoride)

ProSeries Whole House Carbon Filter

Our ProSeries whole-house carbon filters actually provide better-than-bottled-water quality, throughout the entire home. The granular activated carbon (GAC) filters impurities from the water, even removing the chlorine – which radically improves the taste. Some households have even noted that their skin feels healthier after using them for a few weeks. The unit is installed between the main water line and the interior pipes. Water enters the filter where it passes through the GAC where the impurities are reduced. The water is then delivered into your home, providing clean great tasting water from every tap.

The ProSeries Whole House Carbon Filter Offers:

  • Less expensive and more convenient than bottled water.
  • An effective, efficient and eco-friendly design.
  • Cleaner, better tasting water.
  • An extended life for your plumbing, fixtures and water-using appliances.
  • Reduction of the chloramine taste and odor.

ProSeries POU (Point of Use)

This point of use filter is installed directly under the sink where it dispenses water to the faucet. It’s designed for fast recovery, which ensures the tank refills quickly to provide enough water for any need. The system uses a highly compressed block filter made of selected activated carbons, which reduces bad tastes and odors – even those caused by aesthetic chlorine. A household can use up to 750 gallons of drinking water before the cartridge needs to be replaced. The replacement is easy; simply turn the filter body locking ring to change out a cartridge. No tools required!

Point of Use POU Water filterThe ProSeries POU Effectively Reduces:

  • Bad tastes and odors
  • Dirt and rust
  • Aesthetic chlorine
  • Contaminants down to .5 microns.

ProSeries Water Softener

If you experience hard water or have problems with mineral buildup, the ProSeries Water Softener is an ideal product. Not only does it produce cleaner water, it greatly reduces the scale buildup that could harm your plumbing fixtures and water-based appliances. Its design is high tech, but created with both functionality and simplicity in mind. A simple three button keypad with digital display can be easily programmed to match the water needs of your household. A money-saving design features “demand-initiated regeneration,” which means the softener only regenerates when needed based on the water usage of your household.

ProSystems Water SoftenerStop hard water and its damaging effects on your home and family with the ProSeries Water Softener and experience:

  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Softer, brighter laundry
  • Less cleaning time
  • Less wasted energy
  • Less scale build-up in plumbing and on fixtures
  • Extended life on water-based appliances
  • Ease and versatility of use

If you are a member of our Diamond Club, your newly installed water filter will have a Lifetime Warranty – so you’ll never have to worry about costly repairs again. If you’re not a member and want to learn more about the wonderful benefits it brings, visit our Diamond Club page.

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