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Lifetime Diamond Club

Did You Ever Wish that You Had a Plumber on Retainer?

Well, it’s not out of reach. Our Lifetime Diamond Club membership gives you all the benefits of a full-time plumber, without the exorbitant cost!

When you join our Diamond Club, you’ll receive a regularly scheduled plumbing inspection to ensure that your system is in top condition – and to head off any problems before they occur. This service is especially important for older homes with plumbing more than a decade old. A Diamond Club member also receives a 15% discount on repairs, a 3-year warranty on repairs, a free service call ($59 value) when work is performed, and Lifetime Warranty eligibility for every fixture we provide and install. Even a plumber on retainer couldn’t offer all that!

Additionally, if a club member has an outside cleanout, inspection of the sewer is also performed during each annual inspection. If we have provided and installed a tankless or storage water heater, the manufacturer’s recommended flushing procedure is performed during each annual inspection. (This annual service is mandatory for tankless water heaters to maintain their efficiency and factory warranties.)
Join us for $14.95 per month (plus tax) and receive:

Lifetime Diamond Club Benefits

  • Thorough annual inspection. Eyes-on, hands-on testing of every single plumbing fixture, and adjustments are free. Plumbing in the crawl space is checked, water pressure, water temperature, and overall condition of every fixture. We’re trying to spot small problems before they become big catastrophes.
  • Priority service.Club members always go to the front of the line. Never an overtime charge, and one of our men are available to serve even on major holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving.
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • 3 year warranty on most repairs
  • Lifeteme warranty offered on any fixture we supply and install. Never pay for repair or replacement of any water heater, toilet, or faucet again.There is no limit to the number of fixtures that can be covered.
  • When we perform repairs in your home, the service call charge is waived, saving $59 right from the start!

We invite you to join our Diamond Club

Rachel and I have always approached our business as a team. When we opened in 1995, Rachel handled the office and I took care of the plumbing. In 2006, we discovered a means of making you a part of that team, by welcoming you to our Diamond Club.

With the Diamond Club’s regularly scheduled safety inspection, you can now maintain your plumbing systems proactively, heading off problems before they occur. You’ll face plumbing emergencies with confidence, knowing that with our “Front of the Line” service, you will be our highest priority.

Our licensed plumbers will make recommendations you can trust, now backed by the best warranty in our industry, the Lifetime Diamond Club.

Welcome to our Team – Steve

Enjoy superior service at a discounted rate when you become a Diamond Club member! Call us today to begin service!

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