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Clogged drain? We can get that drain moving again.

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We are the drain cleaning experts.

Drain Cleaning 101

If you looked at a cross section of the typical kitchen drain line, you would find it partially to completely clogged with a layer of gunk from every time you rinse your dishes or run your garbage disposal. Yeah-we know-it’s not a pretty picture.

Lesson #1

Drain Cleaning & Drain Poking are not the same

The “other guys” may just be poking a hole in your drain so everything works properly-for a while but then clogs up again. At Steve’s Plumbing, we do the job right. We’ll clean the inside of the drain with our hydro-jetting equipment and then recommend Biosmart to keep the same thing from happening again.

Sure, we don’t make as much money on drain cleaning this way, but we’d rather have you trust us so you’ll call Steve’s for all your plumbing needs.

What’s Hydro-Jetting?

Sometimes called drain jetting, it uses water pressure to clean the inside of your pipes so everything flows as it should.

Prevent future clogs with Biosmart

BioSmart Prevents ClogsBiosmart
Environmentally friendly

Biosmart forms a safe bacterial shield inside your pipes and prevents buildup. Simply apply the liquid treatment every night for 5 nights, and then, once a month to keep your drains flowing freely

" We are especially pleased with your professional and kind ways, from how well that you communicate scheduling, arrive when you say you will, explain the problem, to how well you execute the solution. . . all with patience and expertise.

Your suggestions for preventative maintenance have been greatly appreciated. "

Juli & Ben H. - Everett, WA

Garbage Disposal-Jammed or broken?

If at all possible, Steve’s Plumbing will save you money by un-jamming the disposal and restoring operation. If it’s beyond repair, we carry a wide selection of the quietest, efficient disposals available and will install it on the spot so you’ll be back in operation quickly.

Sewer Blockage?

Steve's Plumbing Drain VisionA free Drain Vision video camera inspection is included on every sewer blockage, allowing us to identify your real problem quickly. Seeing is believing, so we often invite homeowners to watch with us as the camera snakes through the line, revealing the cause of the problem. We ask them to bring the popcorn.

This movie may not be as exciting as a big blockbuster but you’ll be glad when you don’t have another big mess to deal with down the road.

Disposing of Hazardous products

Did you know that products like Drano and Liquid Plumber are legal to pour down your drain but legally cannot be thrown out with your household garbage? Our technicians will safely dispose of these products for you.

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