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Leak Repair

Seattle leak repair

Leaks can be destructive.

It’s important to find them and fix them before they cause expensive structural damage.

A leak isn’t always that clichéd “drip, drip, dripping” from a kitchen faucet. That’s a relatively simple fix. More often a leak is less obvious and far more destructive. We can help with a variety of difficult repairs including broken water lines, toilet leaks and, most challenging of all, hidden leaks. Our professionally trained plumbers can locate and repair all water leaks, even completely replace piping systems when needed. Steve’s Plumbing is now equipped with Fluke thermal imagers to assist us in finding hidden leaks. These high tech tools also help us to determine the extent of water saturation and damage in a given area. Leaks can be destructive. Let us help diagnose and repair your leak before it affects your home and quality of life.

Water piping leaks?

In minutes, a broken water line can
  • Flood your home
  • Cause tens of thousands in water damage
  • Slowly saturate a crawl space, inviting mold and pests

Our technicians can help with any emergency plumbing leak. Call us for 24-hour assistance and we’ll talk you through turning off the water at its source – to keep the damage minimal while you wait for assistance.

Drying services for hardwood flooring and carpetsWater Damage and Carpet Restoration

It’s not just flooding that you need to be concerned with, even mild leaks can lead to substantial damage to your home’s walls, ceiling, and flooring. A leaky pipe can seep into carpets, damaging the carpet mat and creating a breeding ground for mold. What’s even worse is that common water damage insurance doesn’t usually cover the plumbing repair cost. This is why it’s important to get a leak inspection done at the first sign of trouble, rather than hoping a spill is just a fluke.

If it’s too late to prevent water from flooding your home, it’s time to call on expert water damage restoration experts like Day & Nite Water Damage Restoration. Not only do they have the resources to remove an dry floors and room, they also work with your insurance provider to cover the remediation process. Just don’t forget to get the problem fixed before you turn the water back on.

Toilet Leaks

Waste piping leaks can be slow and messy, ruining cabinets and turning crawl spaces into an unsanitary mess. Our technicians can inspect your drains from the inside by inserting our Drain Vision video camera to locate the problem. Once we diagnose the problem, we can fix it.

Water Service Leaks

You may have a leak in your water service (the main line between the water meter and the house. Here’s how to test for a leak in the main water line. Close the main shutoff valve inside your home or garage. Observe the leak indicator (the small rotating triangle) on the water meter. If the leak indicator is spinning, there’s a leak in the water service line. The leak can be located and repaired or replaced with trenchless technology.

” I just wanted to drop a short note and say my experience with your company was wonderful. Steve’s workmanship and skill level is so above the rest that I felt very fortunate to have found him and now he is “MY Plumber” for life.
Thanks for exceeding my expectations where others seldom do. ”

Scott B. –
Bellevue, WA

Hidden Leaks

If you can’t see it, how can you know for sure you have one? Signs of a hidden leak include:

  • Mold growth, discolored areas near piping or ducts, smell of mildew or damp odors.
  • A recent rise in water bills.
  • Water stains on ceilings, walls and baseboards.
  • The sound of running water through the plumbing, even though the water isn’t turned on.
  • Warm spots in the flooring

Our Fluke thermal imagers offer infrared scanning technology to help us locate and repair hidden leaks. They can also help determine the amount of damage the leak has caused, which can sometimes be rather extensive. If you need assistance with water damage – we have partnered with an expert in the field.

Flooded Basement? Call Steve's PlumbingBasement Flooding

A dead sump pump during a heavy rain can cause extensive structural damage. Steve’s Plumbing has a new proprietary system guaranteed to keep your basement from flooding – even during a power outage. If you’re worried about an oncoming storm or aging pipes in your home, don’t wait for disaster to strike. Call us today and we’ll test and inspect your sump pump and piping to prepare your home for any risk of flooding. We offer full repiping and sump pump installation services. And, if you’re a Diamond Club Member all of our work is covered with a lifetime warranty!

Steve’s Plumbing 20-Year Warranty

Whole house re-pipes and water service replacements are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Financing from Wells Fargo available. Call for details.

A dead sump pump or power outage during a heavy rain can be a nightmare. Steve’s Plumbing has a new proprietary system to guarantee your home will not flood because of loss of power.

If you are a member of our Diamond Club, you’ll never have to worry about costly leak repairs again. If you’re not a member and want to learn more about the wonderful benefits it brings, visit our Diamond Club page to receive a lifetime warranty on all repairs and parts.

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