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Seattle leak repair

We can fix any leaks in your home.

Plumbers have been “green” conservationists longer than any other trade. Our service halts waste and promotes conservation of water-a precious resource.

Water piping leaks?

Steve’s Plumbing to the rescue.

In minutes, a broken water line can
  • Flood your home
  • Cause tens of thousands in damage
  • Slow leaks can saturate a crawl space, inviting mold and pests

Our professionally trained plumbers will located and repair all water leaks, even completely replace piping systems when needed.

Steve's Plumbing Leak RepairIs your water bill unusually high and you don’t see any leaks in your home?

You may have a leak in your water service (the main line between the water meter and the house.

Here’s how to test for a leak in the main water line. Close the main shutoff valve inside your home or garage Observe the leak indicator (small rotating triangle) on the water meter If leak indicator is spinning-there’s a leak in the water service line Leak can be located and repaired or replaced with trenchless technology

" I just wanted to drop a short note and say my experience with your company was wonderful. Steve’s workmanship and skill level is so above the rest that I felt very fortunate to have found him and now he is “MY Plumber” for life. Thanks for exceeding my expectations where others seldom do. "

Scott B. - Bellevue, WA

20-Year Warranty

Whole house re-pipes and water service replacements are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Financing from Banner Bank available. Call for details.

Flooded Basement? Call Steve's PlumbingNo more flooded basement

A dead sump pump or power outage during a heavy rain can be a nightmare. Steve’s Plumbing as a new proprietary system to guarantee your home will not flood because of loss of power.

Give us a call or fill out the Steve’s Plumbing contact form to keep your basement from flooding.

Waste piping leaks

Drain Vision Sewer Inspection These can be slow and messy, ruining cabinets and turning crawl spaces into an unsanitary mess. Our technicians inspect your drains from the inside by inserting our Drain Vision video camera to locate the problem. Once we know the problem, we can fix it.

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