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Did You Know?

We’ve cleaned over 100 drains in Redmond and we can unclog yours!

Clogged Drain?

Steve’s Plumbing has helped other Redmond homeowners with clogged drains and is ready to help you. Our licensed plumbers are standing by clean your clogged drain and offer advice to prevent it from happening again.

The problem

A clogged drain is a common problem, though it doesn’t have to be. A drain clogs when the pipes buildup with a residue of soap, food, hair and other things until nothings gets through. Our plumbers not only remove the clog but clean the pipe so water flows freely again.

Our goal: To stop your drains from clogging every few months.

Steve’s Plumbing cleans drains and teaches clog prevention with the proper treatment so clogged drains will not become a normal part of your life.

The solution-Drain cleaning

With our Hydro-jetting equipment, we use water pressure to clean the inside of your pipes, removing all traces of the buildup that caused the clog in the first place.

Maintain with Bio SmartBio Smart

Once your pipes are clean, use Bio Smart once a month to prevent clogs. Bio Smart will form a safe bacterial barrier inside the waste lines, preventing a buildup. Since its EPA-approved, you don’t need to worry that it’s hurting the environment.

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" I have been a fan of Steve’s Plumbing for years.  Everyone I’ve worked with has been courteous, professional, and always knowledgeable.  Even on Christmas Eve!  Thanks Richard! "


Wendy C.

Drain Cleaning Seattle Area

What’s causing that sewer blockage?

Another tool in our drain cleaning equipment is the drain vision sewer camera. Used primarily on main sewer blockages, we can identify the cause, locate the problem from the surface and offer a solution so it doesn’t happen again. This removes all the guesswork from the repairs or treatment and guarantees a great outcome.

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