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We’ve cleaned 75 drains in Marysville. Let us unclog your drain!

Need help with a clogged drain?

While clogged drains are a common problem, they don’t need to be. When Steve’s Plumbing comes out to unclog a drain, we’ll clean your drain and tell you how to keep it from happening again.

Unclogging a drain

When our plumbers unclog a drain, they go a step further and clean the drain too. Removing the obstruction is good but we want to remove the layers of “guck” that have built up inside the pipes or your drain will clog again. “Guck” is a technical term used to describe the soap residue, hair, food, etc. that gets washed down the drain and sticks to the inside of your pipes, causing a clog.

High pressure cleaning

Hydro-jetting sounds exciting but it’s really just means using water pressure to clean the inside of your pipes. A special spray head is inserted into your drain line and the high pressure water sprays away all the buildup that’s causing your problems.

Bio Smart to the rescueBio Smart

Bio Smart is an easy to use maintenance product. Simply pour the liquid treatment down the drain for 5 nights in a row and then once a month after that. When used regularly, it forms a safe bacterial shield inside the pipe that prevents a buildup so your drains will stay open. Since Bio Smart is on the approved list of products for septic systems, you won’t need to worry about its effects on the environment, unlike other products.

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" I am glad Richard solved our problem with the bath sink.  He performed a very professional job and completed it to my satisfaction! "


John P.

Drain Cleaning Seattle Area

Sewer Problems in Marysville?

Do you have a crushed or disconnected pipe? No problem. With our drain vision camera, we don’t need to guess as the camera tells us exactly what’s causing the problem. Once we know the cause, we can offer a solution and then, get to work fixing it. We’ll even invite you to watch along with us to see what’s causing the problem.

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