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We’ve unclogged 79 drains in Everett. Call us to clean your drain.

Clogged Drains?

We not only clean your drains, we’ll tell you how you can stop it from happening again. We practice drain cleaning, not drain poking. Drain poking is simply poking a hole in the obstruction, which makes it seem like your drain is clean but really isn’t. It will soon clog and you’ll need to call a plumber AGAIN.

We do drain cleaning

A clogged pipe is not pretty-all kinds of gooey, icky guck on the inside of the pipe builds up until nothing gets through. We clean your drain mechanically with hydro-jetting equipment or more gradually with Bio Smart, an EPA approved, environmentally sound maintenance product.


With hydro-jetting, we use water pressure to clean the inside of your drain. A narrow hose with a special spray head is inserted into the drain line to spray away all that “guck” so you have a perfect working drain.

Why Bio Smart?Bio Smart

Bio Smart is a maintenance product and when used regularly, it forms a safe bacterial shield inside the pipe, preventing a buildup. It’ll keep your drains open and you won’t need to keep calling us. (Sad for us, good for you).

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" I am glad Richard solved our problem with the bath sink.  He performed a very professional job and completed it to my satisfaction "


John P.

Drain Cleaning Seattle Area

Sewer Blockage in Everett?

Is it a root intrusion or disconnected pipe? Our sewer camera takes all the guess work out of finding and fixing a sewer blockage. Seeing is believing so we often invite homeowners to watch with us as the camera snakes through the line, revealing the problem. Once our technicians locate the problem and identify it, we can propose a solution to keep it from happening again.

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