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Day & Nite Water Damage Restoration Inc

Seattle leak repair
At Steve’s Plumbing, we know that drying out a home after a flood is a race against time.  That’s why we recommend you use Day & Nite Water Damage Restoration Services.  While we’re solving the source of the flooding, Day & Nite can begin the process of drying out your floors, walls, and belongings to speed up the restoration process.

Drying services for hardwood flooring and carpetsWater Damage and Carpet Restoration

It’s not just flooding that you need to be concerned with, even mild leaks can lead to substantial damage to your home’s walls, ceiling, and flooring. A leaky pipe can seep into carpets, damaging the carpet mat and creating a breeding ground for mold. What’s even worse is that common water damage insurance doesn’t usually cover the plumbing repair cost. This is why it’s important to get a leak inspection done at the first sign of trouble, rather than hoping a spill is just a fluke.

If it’s too late to prevent water from flooding your home, it’s time to call on expert water damage restoration experts like Day & Nite Water Damage Restoration. Not only do they have the resources to remove water and dry floors and rooms, they also work with your insurance provider to cover the remediation process. Just don’t forget to get the problem fixed before you turn the water back on.

Dangers of Not Drying After a Flood

Many people just assume that allowing a room to dry naturally after an appliance leak or storm will be fine. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Even a small spill should be cleaned up immediately. Water that’s allowed to sit and dry slowly can warp wood, damage linoleum, and erode away the adhesives underneath floor tiles. Carpets that are left to sit and air dry are often never the same, as the matting and pads beneath them soak up the water and can stay wet for hours after the top carpet fibers have dried, re-wetting them with each step.

This increase in humidity, and the excess moisture on surfaces presents a breeding ground for mold and mildew to start growing rapidly, especially behind wallpaper or underneath carpet where mold can grow sheltered from sunlight. The only way to prevent mold growth and any further damage from warping, peeling, and rotting, is fast-drying the affected areas with professional equipment that can remove water from beneath carpets and floor tiles.

Benefits of Working with Day and Nite

While flooding itself is not typically covered under insurance, the drying process might be.  Day & Nite works with your insurance company, taking the hassle of wrangling with the insurance provider over the cost of drying services out of your hands.  Additionally, you’ll receive a free estimate on the cost of drying services.

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