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We’ve unclogged 120 drains in Bellevue. Let us unclog yours!

Clogged Drain?

Steve’s Plumbing has helped many Bellevue homeowners and we can help you too. When you call Steve’s Plumbing for a clogged drain, you get a licensed plumber that not only unclogs your drain, but cleans it too.

Drain cleaning

You may wonder why your drain needs cleaning when you just need it unclogged. Well, without cleaning the inside of the pipe, it will soon clog again. While that helps keep plumbers in business, we want to help you save money by preventing another clog.

Hydro-jetting to the rescue

In our bag of drain fighting tools, our hydro-jetting equipment is king. The hose and special spray head fits inside your drain and using high pressure water to clean the inside of the pipe so water flows freely again.

Bio SmartBio Smart

Once your drain is clean, using Bio-Smart on a regular basis will keep your pipes flowing freeing by preventing the buildup which causes the clogs. Bio Smart is EPA-approved and environmentally safe so you don’t need to worry that you’re harming the planet by using it.

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Drain Cleaning Seattle Area

Sewer Problems in Bellevue?

There’s nothing funny about sewer problems and you’ll be glad to know Steve’s can find the problem quickly with our Drain Vision sewer camera. No guesswork here as the camera will reveal the source of the blockage and once we know the cause, we can get to work fixing it.

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